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Everything has been crazy! I have changed jobs, got engaged and made a lot of new friends (FINALLY!)

I can’t go into too much detail about everything but I’m really excited now about my job. :)

I want to focus more on myself and do positive things. I am going to be ordering a new camera soon once I figure out which will be good to make videos.

camifunkyballet said: Please sensai teach me your ways teehee i look up to so soooo much your like my kawaii idol if i could i would marry you but I'm underage lol:P i just want to say you are really pretty and i love your clothes i wish i could buy stuff like that but I'm broke you should totally make a tutorial for you makeup because it always on point!!! I just love everything you do and you're so awesome i just gonna tell you straight up that gonna be one of your biggest fans because your just perfect >:{D

AH!!! Jeez you’re the sweetest. I really appreciate that. I’m in the process of looking for a decent camera and editing software! So hopefully I can post something soon!!!! Haha my life has been a bit crazy right now but it will be back on track soon enough!



AHHHH!!!! Yes I really love it and normally I don’t like that kind of stuff!!