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sherlockcallmymama said: Recently I've been designing characters and my aunt said I should try to make them dolls! But I don't know the process of getting my designs made. Any suggestions?

Yes! So you should create turns like so! This is the first and easiest step to get dolls\toys made.

Turns are when you draw front\side and 3\4ths of a character. This helps a sculptor the necessary information to sculpt in 3D. I also did sketches to convey the different emotions my character can go through and the body language associated with those emotions. That’s optional though. With turns if you want to make a toy you should also have measurements of the length, height and depth.

Once you have this info either you can use it to sculpt yourself in Maya, Freeform, Zbrush, Mudbox, etc. These are all 3D programs or you can get some clay and get to sculpting.

You could also customize an existing dolls! Monster high dolls are a great base. Hujoo dolls are also a good option while not as expensive as a bjd they can be customized to look like almost any character.

Here are two artists I really love. They are a good inspiration resource to see the entire process in action.

<a href=”http://missmonster.deviantart.com/”>Miss Monster </a>

<a href=”http://batchix.g36.net/?page_id=337”>Batchix FAQ </a>

<a href=”http://batchix.deviantart.com/gallery/229013/Machina”> Batchix Dolls </a>

Sorry for rambling. Hope this helps!!! Please feel free to ask more questions like this. I do this for a living so I’m very knowledgeable about it.  


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