Skullita Time!
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when someone steals food from your plate


If you know me or ever meet me in real life don’t ever steal food off of my plate

I will declare you my enemy and destroy your entire family….

(via milesjai)

Going out

I really wanted to go out to the harajuku walk this weekend but I don’t really have a good outfit lined up for this hot weather plus every time I go out I always spend sooo much money….

And I would rather buy cute outfits/accessories…ah wellll


Ahhh sorry I don’t respond to them that often I’ll get better at it I promise!

shenequasdiary said: i just want to say... i love your blog so much (=^_^=)! so kawaii <3


b-irde said: I just wanted to say you are simply stunning! Like woah haha, and I love yr style!!


alittlebananaz said: WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE AHHHHHHHH

cause kittens are :D

starrenspace said: um so i love everything your doing!!!

tee hee thanks~~~ :)